Forcefield Compressor All-Analog Compressor Pedal

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Forcefield Compressor is here to give you all the vintage squish
and squash you could ever want at a price that simply can't be
ignored. From subtle sustain enhancements to smooth signal leveling
and all the way to full-on chicken-picking compression, you'll find
it all and more in this great road-ready pedal.Vintage style compressor pedal - from subtle compression to
all-out squash

All-analog circuit

True Bypass and top-mounted I/OAll Analog Awesomeness

Compression is always one of the hardest effects to explain due
to its subtle nature. You often feel compression more than you hear
it, and it just makes it easier and more fun to play when it's on.
Forcefield Compressor's vintage circuit design instantly instills
that feeling in you, and whether you're going for some sweet
tube-like sag or an unapologetic squash, you're sure to find it

That Old-School Feel

Vintage analog compression differs greatly from modern studio
compression. You won't get the glassy transparency of rack gear,
instead you get gobs of warmth and a smooth tonal characteristic
that has helped shape the history of rock and country music. From
sublime David Gilmour sustain to Albert Lee-like picking that pops
out of the mix beautifully, you're sure to get it with Forcefield

Compact Compression

Forcefield Compressor easily squeezes into every setup due to
its compact, yet extremely durable design with top-mounted ins and
outs, so it doesn't take up any space on your board where it
matters the most. On top of that it features True Bypass so it
doesn't affect your tone in any way when off.