HyperGravity Compressor TonePrint Enabled Multiband Compressor HyperGravity Compressor TonePrint Enabled Multiband Compressor
HyperGravity Compressor TonePrint Enabled Multiband Compressor HyperGravity Compressor TonePrint Enabled Multiband Compressor
HyperGravity Compressor TonePrint Enabled Multiband Compressor
Tc Electronic
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Studio-Quality Multiband Compressor

Vintage Mode for classic stompbox compression

TonePrint enabledCompress Without Compromise

HyperGravity Compressor's highly advanced multiband dynamics
algorithm is the same MD3 compression algorithm that can be found
in our studio production masterpiece, System 6000 which has been
the preferred dynamics tool for top producers for over 10 years.
Its technologically superior engine applies perfectly tailored
compression for your highs, mids and lows, and leaves you with an
ultra-transparent and in the end, more musical compression than
what can be achieved with standard single-band compressors. This
lets you go from subtle airy shimmers, to full-on straightjacket
tone-holds and anywhere in between, without ever compromising your
original tone.

Squeeze Into Some Tight Tones

Jump straight into those old-school compression tones of
yesteryear with HyperGravity Compressor's warm vintage mode. You
get all of the squeeze and squash you could ever want, alongside
that extra presence associated with those classic stompbox
compressors we all know and love. Perfect for percussive country
tones, tight funk sounds or sweet Gilmour sustain.

TonePrint Ð Customized Compression

With our proprietary TonePrint technology you can finally
realize the full potential of your inner compression-geek. The free
TonePrint Editor and its wealth of parameters, lets you tailor that
fully focused compression tone completely to your liking. But hey,
if you'd rather rely on the sonic wisdom of others, then we have a
solution for that too. Via the free TonePrint App, you can beam
custom-tweaked compression tones made by some of music's finest to
the pedal. It's time to unleash those dream tones inside your

Best Guitar Effects

by Gabriel Tanaka

Thanks to its studio-style multiband compression algorithm, youÕll achieve greater dynamic control than with any pedal thatÕs come before it...The sounds, versatility, and value that the HyperGravity Compressor offers are outstanding, making it one of the best modern compression pedals around.

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Guitar Interactive

by Tom Quayle

The HyperGravity is a very flexible and superb sounding compression pedal and the introduction of multiband techniques in a pedal format is hugely welcome given just how transparent it sounds. The addition of a blend control is very welcome and matched wit TC's exceptional build quality and TonePrint technology they are surely onto a winner with this package.

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Gitarre & Bass

by Thomas Jeschonnek

With its crisp, powerful sound, enhanced sustain and zero unwanted coloration, the HyperGravity can hold a candle to any classic, analog compressor pedal. ThatÕs studio quality!

Guitar And Bass Magazine

by Simon Bradley

In an increasingly cluttered market, TC ensures the HyperGravity is right up there thanks to its no-nonsense layout and excellent tones. A genuine 'sounds better' pedal.

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