Rush Booster All-Analog Boost Pedal Rush Booster All-Analog Boost Pedal
Rush Booster All-Analog Boost Pedal Rush Booster All-Analog Boost Pedal
Rush Booster All-Analog Boost Pedal
Tc Electronic
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Rush Booster lets you cut through the clutter and take center
stage with one single stomp. Its all-analog circuit offers up a
whooping 20dBs of super-transparent clean boost, perfect for solos
or beefed up rhythms. All of this is housed in a built-to-last
enclosure with true bypass and at a price point so low it's sure to
set off a certified tonal adrenaline rush!Ultra-transparent clean boost

Discrete analog circuit with 20dB of gain

True bypass and top-mounted I/OTrue To You

A lot of boosters out there tamper with your tone by cutting and
boosting in certain frequency areas, so by the time you kick it on,
you don't sound like you anymore. Rush Booster on the other hand is
a true tone gentleman. It just takes your already awesome core tone
and makes it louder, leaving the punch and power in your chords
intact and it never extinguishes the fire in your sizzling solos.
Just like a great booster should.

Versatility in Simplicity

Don't let the simple looks of Rush Booster fool you. It can get
loud! And it's actually ultra-versatile. Its discrete analog
circuit gives you 20dBs of power to play, which is enough to make
your edge-of-breakup amp spew some serious fire. You can also place
it before your drive pedals to yield extra amounts of grizzly gain
from them, or set it at the end of your chain with a mild boost for
soloing. So many tones, so little time!

A Tank Full Of Tone

Rush Booster is housed in a tank-like enclosure with top-mounted
I/Os, so it doesn't take up any unnecessary space on your board.
And with a true bypass design to boot, for zero tone coloration
when off, Rush Booster is an excellent choice for the discerning
tone chaser on a budget.