Spark Mini Booster Miniature Booster That Brings Tone To Life

Tc Electronic

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Steve Morse - TonePrint ArtistTone To The Bone

With a full 20 dB of boost, Spark Mini Booster is a great clean
booster. But that's not all it does - keep turning that knob and
it'll start working its magic driving gear into peak performance!
No matter what your style or set-up is, this musical miracle will
maximize your potential but let your core tone shine through

Are You Ready For PrimeTimeª

PrimeTimeª is a radical new feature that will excite guitarists
around the globe. Basically, Spark Mini Booster instantly
understands whether you want the pedal to be permanently on when
you hit the footswitch, or just for as long as you hold the
footswitch down. Which totally rocks for both 'always-on' and
'emphasizing passages' situations.

Discrete Is The New Pronounced

By adding a discrete, fully analog circuit, Spark Mini Booster
adds a purely magical sense of life and excitement to your gear and
tone. Each part of the circuit is carefully selected, from
transistor to capacitor and from resistor to diode. What does that
mean? Sweet, pure tone in all of its glory in an unparalleled
clarity with zero coloration. Whether you want to make things sing
or roar, this circuit ensures to maximize your tone.