SpectraComp Bass Compressor Ultra-Compact Multiband Compressor

Tc Electronic

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Studio-quality multiband compressor - Êperfectly tuned for

TonePrint enabled

Ultra-small footprintA Multiband Marvel

We first introduced the magic of multiband bass
compression in our innovative RH-series bass amps, which made
dialing in super-smooth compression an absolute breeze. With
SpectraComp Bass Compressor we've kept the simplistic one-knob
approach from the amps, while greatly improving the compression
algorithm. This gives you access to studio-quality compression
tones, in a stompbox so small that you can't afford not to have it
on your board.

Honey, We Shrunk The Studio

SpectraComp Bass Compressor contains the same high-quality MD3
dynamics engine known from our studio production powerhouse, System
6000. A dynamics engine that has been used on countless hit-records
and massive blockbuster movie productions. This advanced algorithm
applies perfectly tweaked compression for your high, mid and low
frequencies to create a more unified and balanced sound where your
low strings never overtake your highs, something that's simply not
possible with the one-size-fits-all compression known from a
typical stompbox. This way you'll get a tight and punchy attack,
with endless sustain all without ever compromising the natural
low-end response of your bass.

TonePrint Ð Deep Dynamic Editing

Picture SpectraComp Bass Compressor as an ice cream. It's
smooth, delicious and easy to love. But maybe you want to
super-pimp your ice cream with cherries, chocolate sauce and
sprinkles shaped like unicorns? You want to make that tone-sundae
your own. This is where TonePrint comes into play. Via the free
editor you can customize your own compression tone through a wealth
of deep editing parameters, so it suits your rig perfectly. You can
also try on custom pre-made tones via the free app for Android and
iOS. Tone tweaking just leveled up.Guitar Interactive

by Dan Veall

Despite seeming so simple it's capable of some of the most advanced compression parameters from any pedal on the market right now. And the clincher? Just look at the price! So much versatility at such a low cost. Congratulations, TC!

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Tone Report Weekly

by Nick Leners

The multiband compressor is an excellent choice for the bass guitar, letting the bass breathe a little more than a vintage-style compressor pedal. The TonePrint system is as cool as it is futuristic. One knob and one tiny enclosure is a simple as it gets.